Universities are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate that they are making progress with the impact of their research. This means that researchers must think about their work in new ways and respond to new demands from government, funders, and managers.

Researchers and research organisations are faced with rapidly changing requirements to show how their work benefits society, and to demonstrate the impact it has in the real world. Drivers of this include the requirements of funders, universities’ civic missions, and most pressingly the government’s periodic assessment of research, the Research Excellence Framework or REF next due in 2020.

At Insights for Impact, our work supports and enables researchers to address often conflicting pressures. We also empower faculties, departments, and schools to develop programmes of support, and to account for impact successes in a holistic way. Insights for Impact can help right across the research structure:

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Research Managers

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If you are a research head looking to improve your institution’s performance or leading an organisation into this area for the first time, Insights for Impact can support you to develop the strategy, tools, and infrastructure you need to succeed more effectively.


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Researchers – confused by what impact is and how to take it forward from their work – benefit from coaching and one-to-one support, leading to better research with greater impact.

Project Leads

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Research project leads who need to develop impact strategies or create impact plans can benefit from Insights for Impact’s expertise and delivery.