About Insights for Impact

Founded in 2017 by impact champion Saskia Gent, Insights for Impact has rich and deep experience of developing powerful impact in research projects, departments, and institutions. Saskia started her impact journey working with a DFID funded project to enable migration to bring benefits to developing countries. After establishing the impact support function in the School of Global Studies at Sussex University, Saskia set up and ran the impact office at the University of Sussex and led the Sussex impact submission to REF 2014 across all schools and departments. After setting up Insights for Impact, Saskia has supported organisations and projects to set and achieve impact goals. In the years leading up to REF 2021, she worked with more than 30 institutions, coaching, facilitating, and training hundreds of researchers to deliver their best possible impact case study submissions.

Saskia Gent, Director, Insights for Impact

Saskia is inspired by research, has deep knowledge of impact and the impact agenda, and a well-honed ability to help researchers share their work with the world beyond academia. These skills and attributes – combined with her coach’s empathy to help people clearly see the options available to them – make her ideally placed to advise on all your impact needs. This is true at both and individual and an organisational level, from crafting the most persuasive impact case studies to developing institutional impact and knowledge exchange strategies.

It is our purpose: