Knowledge Exchange Support

Just when you’ve got to grips with the REF, along comes the KEF. Whether you need help to understand how the two align, need to improve your Knowledge Exchange strategy, or are struggling to see how the KE Concordat fits in … Insights for Impact can help build your knowledge exchange approach and align it with other internal or external priorities.

What’s the service, in a nutshell?

We help you ensure impact and knowledge exchange processes are aligned with your core values and objectives – and you are not derailed by requirements for external reporting.

What’s involved?

  1. Review context and agree scope of work
  2. Collect and review data and materials, conduct interviews
  3. Analyse data and compare to good practice
  4. Test knowledge exchange approaches with stakeholders
  5. Findings, recommendations and lessons reporting

What do you get out of it?

  • Ensure your approach is true to your values and strategy
  • Align knowledge exchange and REF requirements
  • Develop a KE strategy to deliver impact objectives
Insights for Impact

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