Plain English Research Writing

To engage those who can use and benefit from your research, it is not enough to give them access to research papers. We need to make research accessible in other ways. Insights for Impact can help you communicate with readers outside the research community by summarising your research in plain English, identifying the salient points, reducing the methodological and conceptual complexities, and removing jargon. Simplification is a real skill – and it’s very different from dumbing down.

What’s the service, in a nutshell?

Academics are great at writing for each other but that often leads to using over complex language and narrative structures. We can remove those barriers and show relevant audiences outside academia how your research can help them.

What’s involved?

  1. Project scoping and establish context (identify training or writing approach)
  2. Identify relevant audiences and channels
  3. Review materials, interview researchers
  4. Draft materials
  5. Review and finalise

What do you get out of it?

  • Bespoke solutions targeted at the needs of your researchers
  • Training and narratives designed with the audience in mind – by academics for academics
  • Compelling and more engaging impact narratives
Insights for Impact

In addition, Insights for Impact can offer training in data storytelling face-to-face in the training suite, online over video conferencing platforms include Zoom and Teams. We can also help you to write research summaries, policy articles, and case studies as you require.

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