Our Work: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

“Developing a comprehensive research impact plan”

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent research organisation set up by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). PML delivers pioneering research needed for sustaining the global ocean, its ecosystems and resources for the benefit of society. As a centre funded by NERC, PML is subject to periodic evaluation that mirrors the Research Excellence Framework (REF) process.

PML commissioned Insights for Impact to review and advise on improving the PML case studies that were submitted to the regular NERC review. The excellent results achieved by PML in partnership with Insights for Impact can be seen here.

This partnership led PML to commission a further piece of work to support creation of an impact plan in support of the Laboratory’s new Strategy 2020-2025. Insights for Impact developed a process for PML to build an ongoing impact plan for the centre and coached impact leads to shape and draft the plan.

Jenny Lockett, Senior Impact Manager, PML:

“We approached Saskia, following a recommendation, to help us develop our REF case studies for the NERC evaluation in 2020. We were at a stage where we really needed some inspiration and guidance to focus our efforts in the last few months before submission. Her feedback was incredibly helpful, enabling us to plan a clear way forward for each case study and select the final 4 for submission. I have no doubt that the case studies, which received the highest scores of all NERC research centres, benefitted significantly from her advice and guidance. We continued our collaboration with Saskia by subcontracting her to guide the development of the first PML Research Impact Plan. Again, her support and coaching were invaluable, enabling us to create a clear and comprehensive approach to impact delivery.”

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