Insights for Impact supports organisations and researchers by building impact strategies, providing confidence through coaching, and leading towards impact.

Best practice for creating change from research includes:

  • Setting impact objectives
  • Understanding the context
  • Engaging with end users appropriately
  • Designing research for user relevance and involvement
  • Packaging and communicate research results
  • Providing excellent infrastructure, management, and support
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of research

Insights for Impact can help support and develop your organisation or project to achieve each of these. Find out more.

Portrait shot of Saskia Gent

Saskia Gent

“Saskia developed and wrote the impact strategy for a successful £6.5m DFID grant application from scratch. This work involved liaising with five international partners and developing a sophisticated understanding of both the research and policy environment in which we were working. In the end this aspect of the application scored most highly, and was certainly instrumental to our success.” Richard Black, Pro-Director (Research & Enterprise), SOAS.

Saskia Gent

After more than a decade working with universities in the UK, Europe, and in the developing world, Saskia Gent launched Insights for Impact to offer consultancy services to institutions, researchers, departments, and research projects, enabling them to access impact expertise, add flexible resource, and address specific issues innovatively.

Over the past 12 years, Saskia has supported researchers, research projects, and programmes to make research work more beneficial to the world outside academia. Whether making connections to enhance policy, practice, public engagement, or third sector organisations interested in the work, Saskia partners with researchers, enabling them to see the opportunities and chose the path with most impact.

My approach is to ensure we work to develop the story of impact together, whether to promote successes, to report on progress, or to build confidence in this new area of work. Focussing on impact narrative and storytelling gives strong grounding for planning, strengthening, evidencing, and promoting impact. That’s why defining and articulating the story of your research impact is often the starting point for our work.

Find out more on Saskia’s LinkedIn profile.