Impact Strategy Development

We examine institutional approaches to impact. We do this to support development of an impact-positive research culture. We help institutions evaluate the effectiveness of their impact support functions, providing independent expert advice informed by our knowledge of practice across the higher education sector.

What’s the service, in a nutshell?

A roadmap that enables you achieve better research impact for your organisation, department, centre, or project through a rigorous process of strategy development.

& Test

What’s involved?

  1. Review context and agree scope of work
  2. Collect and review data and materials, conduct interviews
  3. Analyse data and compare to good practice
  4. Test strategic approaches with stakeholders
  5. Findings, recommendations, and lessons reporting

What do you get out of it?

  • An external perspective allows a fresh take on an established challenge
  • Application of good practice models to give you confidence
  • Strategic direction for your organisation/project

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